1. GC Injector Overview (12 types)
  • 8610C 8610C
1. GC Injector Overview (12 types)
GC Injector Overview (12 types)

Twelve injector types are available for installation on SRI gas chromatographs. Up to five injectors may be mounted simultaneously on the Model 8610C or 8610D. The Model 410 can mount a gas sampling valve in addition to the On-column injector which may be upgraded. The Model 310 will accommodate a single On-column, Heated Flash Vaporization, Heated Split/Splitless or PTV injector. Injector types are selected by the user depending on the particular measurement application, detection limit and regulatory requirements. The On-column injector is standard equipment on every 8610, 410 and 310 GC. Heated Flash Vaporization, Heated Split/Splitless and PTV injectors are all upgrades to the on-column injector. All injectors must be installed at the SRI factory.


1. On-column injector
2. Heated flash vaporization injector
3. Heated split/splitless injector
4. PTV - programmable temperature vaporization injector
5. 10-port gas sampling valves and 22-port stream selector valves
6. Sample Preconcentration and Enrichment Options:

  •  Heated Adsorbent Traps
  • Permeation Loop Accessory
  • Enrichment Coils
7. Method TO-14 Air Concentrator
8. Thermal Desorber
9. Method 5030/5035 compliant purge & trap; Method 5035 VOA vial purge head retrofit
10. Heated Static Headspace Injector
11. 120 vial liquid autosampler (with headspace tray option)
12. 10-sample purge & trap Autosampler; Online sampler for purge & trap

This particular 8610C GC model is equipped with a Thermal Desorber, a Method 5030/5035 Purge & Trap and a standard on-column injector.

Sample Types and Appropriate Injectors

LIQUIDS: On-Column, Heated Flash Vaporization, Heated Split/Splitless, PTV, Heated Static Headspace, Purge & Trap, Liquid Injection Valve, Liquid Autosamplers
SOLIDS: Thermal Desorber, Heated Static Headspace, PTV, Method 5035 Purge & Trap
GASES: On-Column, Gas Sampling Valve, Method TO-14 Air Concentrator or Heated Static Headspace
SPME FIBERS: Heated Flash Vaporization with Low Volume SPME Liner or Heated Split/Splitless