410 Rack mount for mudlogging
  • 410 rack mount 410 rack mount
410 Rack mount for mudlogging
410 Rack mount for mudlogging
Rental C-15
  • Multiple detector capability 

  • May be equipped with optional gas sampling valve

  • For industrial gas sampling applications

  • Fits shelf-equipped 19-inch rack (rack cabinet not included)                                                                                                                                                    

Our Rack Mount Mud-Logging GC system provides a continuous reading of total hydrocarbons in a gas stream while periodically performing a chroatographic separation to determine the exact composition of the sample gas stream.
At a regulated pressure, the sample gas stream flows through the loop of the 10-port gas sampling valve, and also to the second FID detector, which continually monitors the total hydrocarbon content of the gas. Periodically, the gas sampling valve injects the cotents of its loop into the GC column, where it is separated into the constituent hydrocarbon peaks and detected by the first FID detector. The operator controls the timing of the valve injections through the built-in PeakSimple data system. Solenoids for sample and standard stream switching are included, and are selectable through the data system.

The PeakSimple data system controls the automated valve injection sequence, and displays both the continuous total hydrocarbon reading and the separated peaks. An alarm function alerts the operator for any out-of-range readings. Summary reports are easily printed or copied to Excel or similar programs.


0410-0065 Rack Mount Mud-Logging GC System $ 18,180.00

Monthly rental fee: $3636.00
Daily rental fee ( minimum of 10 days ): $181.80
1/2 of rental fees paid on time become equity towards buying the rental.