8610C TCD w/valve
  • Rental D-15 Rental D-15
8610C TCD w/valve
8610C TCD w/valve
Rental D-15
  • Thermal Conductivity Detector
  • 10 port gas sampling valve
  • Serial port connection
  • Currently configured with a 6' Hayesep D column, can be configured differently.

The Thermal Conductivity Detector is commonly used for fixed gas analysis (O2, N2, CO, CO2, H2S, NO, etc.) where the target analytes do not respond well on other, more sensitive detectors. The TCD can detect concentrations from 100% down to around 100 ppm on a flat baseline with sharp peaks. The TCD consists of four tungsten-rhenium filaments in a Wheatstone bridge configuration. Electric current flows through the filaments, causing them to heat up. Carrier gas (usually helium, which has very high thermal conductivity) flows across the filaments, removing heat at a constant rate. Two of the filaments are exposed only to carrier gas (reference), and two are exposed to the carrier/sample flow. When a sample molecule with lower thermal conductivity than the carrier gas exits the column and flows across the two sample filaments, the temperature of the filaments increases. This temperature increase unbalances the Wheatstone bridge and generates a peak as sample molecules transit through the detector.

Unit cost: $12,000.00
Monthly rental fee: $2400.00
Daily rental fee ( minimum of 10 days ): $120.00
1/2 of rental fees paid on time become equity towards buying the rental.