Hydrogen/Hydrocarbon Leak Detector/Monitor
  • 8690-5600 8690-5600
  • 8690-5600 8690-5600
  • 8670-5850 8670-5850
Hydrogen/Hydrocarbon Leak Detector/Monitor
Hydrogen/Hydrocarbon Leak Detector/Monitor Sample Stream Dryer
Hydrogen/Hydrocarbon Leak Detector/Monitor
  • detects hydrogen and combustible hydrocarbons down to 500ppm
  • Find leaks or monitor hydrogen and hydrocarbon concentrations
  • Plugs into most voltmeters for a digital readout

The Hydrogen/Hydrocarbon Leak Detector/Monitor is useful for sniffing the fittings on your GC for leaking hydrogen or argon/methane. It can also be used for detecting leaking natural gas, propane, or other volatile hydrocarbons. Detection limit is approximately 500ppm. This leak detector/monitor is also useful for long term monitoring of hydrocaron concentrations in a flowing stream or static chamber. The sensor element is the same CCD that is used as a GC detector on SRI GCs.

The leak detector/monitor is attached to your existing voltmeter to provide a digital readout. As the H2/HC concentration increases, the voltmeter numbers increase. By utilizing a voltmeter as a readout device, the cost of the leak detector/monitor can be kept low. Unlike other leak detectors which use a row of LEDs as a low resolution readout, the voltmeter's high resolution display allows the user to notice small changes which would be hard to see on an LED display.

The 115 volt AC unit comes with a 9 volt DC power supply, but can also run on battery power using any battery source with voltage between 8 and 15 volts DC. Power consumption is approximately 200 milliamps.

8690-5600 Hydrogen/Hydrocarbon Leak Detector/Monitor (115VAC), includes digital voltmeter $460.00


Sample Stream Dryer


  • Uses rechargeable molecular sieve dessicant beads and Nafion® tubing
  • Water is absorbed while gases pass through unaffected
  • For use with water sensitive columns
  • Simple, economic way to dry gas samples for introduction into GC
8670-5850 Sample Stream Dryer $570.00