Medical Cannabis Cannabinoid GC
  • 8610C 8610C
  • 8610C 8610C
Medical Cannabis Cannabinoid GC
Medical Cannabis Cannabinoid GC
  • Flame ionization detector ( FID )
  • Heated flash injection port
  • Built-in incubator for heated extractions
  • 15 meter capillary column
  • Built-in whisper-quiet air compressor
  • PeakSimple data system
  • Optional columns permit terpene, residual solvent measurement

The Medical cannabis cannabinoid GC system is designed for the simple measurment of cannabinoids (e.g., THC, CBD, CBG, CBN...), and with further sample preparation, acid forms of cannabinoids (e.g., THCA and CBDA) in medical cannabis, extracts, infusions, and most edibles. If additional optional columns are used, this system can be used to analyze terpenes and residual solvents (e.g., Butane, Propane, and Ethanol).

It may also be used to measure synthetic cannabinoids (such as SPICE)

The built-in 12 position 50°C incubator speeds up the extraction process, and is useful in dissolving concentrates and/or butters.


Samples that can be tested: Flower, Extracts, Infusions, and most Edibles
Standard Column: 15M x 0.53mm I.D. 0.16um MXT-500, Restek (Cannabinoid Potency)
Optional Columns: 30m x 0.53mm I.D. 1.00um MXT-WAX, Restek (Terpenes); 3' HayeSep D Packed Column (Residual Solvents)
Carrier: hydrogen at 20mL/minute
Injector: Ambient-300°C
Detector: FID
Detector temperature: Ambient-400°C
Data system and Software: PeakSimple Data System, and PeakSimple software

SRI specializes in custom Gas Chromatographs. Please call us at (310) 214-5092 7am-4pm PST mon-fri, to discuss a custom GC for this application. Custom GCs we've made for this application include, a GC able to analyze cannabinoids, terpenes, and residual solvents simultaneously; GCs equipped with autosamplers, and GCs capable of screening for certain types of pesticides.

Part #                                  Description

8610-0091:  Medical Cannabis Cannabinoid GC System  $12,170.00
8600-C350:  Gas Line Installation Kit, CGA350, for hydrogen  $460.00
8600-PKDA:  6' x 1/8" S.S. HaySep D Packed Column $180.00
8600-WBXB:  30M x 0.53mm I.D. 1.0u MXT-WAX Capillary Column $720.00
(VOLTAGE: 115VAC, for 230VAC, use 8610-0091-2)