MG#3, Valve, TCD, and FID
  • 8610C 8610C
MG#3, Valve, TCD, and FID
MG#3, Valve, TCD, and FID
Rental B-15
  • 8610C GC

  • 10 port valve

  • Flame ionization detector ( FID ), with methanizer

  • Thermal conductivity detector ( TCD )

  • Built in air compressor

  • Carrier, hydrogen, and air EPCs

  • Serial port connection                                                                                    

    The SRI 8610C Gas Chromatograph Multiple Gas #3 GC configuration is a versatile low cost way of analyzing many different kinds of gas samples.  There are two gas sampling valves and four columns as well as four detectors. The MG#3 GC configuration is almost identical to the MG#1 GC configuration except there is an additional solenoid valve which when activated by the PeakSimple data system stops the flow of carrier gas in column 1. When the solenoid valve is actuated ( typically while the gas sampling valve is in the INJECT position ), column 1 has the same pressure applied to both its inlet and outlet. This stops the flow of carrier gas in column 1. The peaks which were in column 1 simply stop moving without broadening or distortion. The flow of carrier gas in column 2 actually increases while the solenoid is actuated since the full carrier gas head pressure is now applied across a shorter restriction ( one column instead of two in series ). The MG#3 GC configuration is slightly more flexible than the MG#1 because the stop flow capability allows a wider selection of columns to be used, where the MG#1 only works with silica gel as Column 1 and MoleSieve 13X as Column 2.

    The MG #3 is our most versatile configuration, it can be used to analyze hydrocarbons, atmospheric gases, natural gas, sulfur, and many more compounds. 

    This particular MG #3 cannot analyze sulfur.

    8610-0371 - 8610C Multiple Gas Analyzer #3 GC $17,370.00

    Monthly rental fee: $3474.00
    Daily rental fee ( minimum of 10 days ): $173.70
    1/2 of rental fees paid on time become equity towards buying the rental.