Narrow Bore Capillary FID GC
  • 8610-5405 8610-5405
  • Basic Model Basic Model
Narrow Bore Capillary FID GC
Narrow Bore Capillary FID GC
  • FID Detector
  • On-Column Injector
  • 30 meter Narrow Bore (0.25mm ID) Capillary Column 
  • Built-in, "whisper quiet" Air Compressor
  • Temperature Programmable Column Oven 
  • 1 Channel PeakSimple Data System on the compact 8610C chassis

The Narrow Bore Capillary FID GC System includes everything you need for ultra high performance narrow bore capillary chromatography. In addition to a wide range of general gas chromatography applications, the Narrow Bore Capillary FID GC System is excellent for environmental testing and quality control applications.

The On-Column Programmable Temperature Vaporization (OCPTV) injector allows larger and simpler liquid injections than are otherwise possible with narrow bore columns. Like a traditional heated Split/Splitless injector, the OCPTV has a spilt vent and needle valve for venting solvent while concentrating sample. Unlike a heated Split/Splitless injector, the OCPTV vents the solvent without without rapid vaporization. Carrier gas flow is programmable from the PeakSimple data system.

The OCPTV discriminates in favor of semi-volatile analytes with boiling points higher than C8. The chromatogram at right shows an analysis of diesel range organics (C10-C-28). The OCPTV causes the analytes to focus on the analytical column, resulting in sharp, well-defined peaks.

Traditional heated split injectors can usually only handle 1-2µL injections. The OCPTV's ability to accommodate larger (1-20µL) injections allows for detection limits an order of magnitude lower. For more information on the OCPTV.


8610-5405 Narrow Bore Capillary FID GC System    $ 9,990.00
(VOLTAGE: for 110VAC, use 8610-5405-1; for 220VAC, use 8610-5405-2)


Options & Upgrades: additional detectors with 4 channel serial or 6 channel USB PeakSimple data system, Methanizer, gas sampling valves, additional columns, H2-50XR hydrogen generator, autosampler