• Basic Model Basic Model
  • Thermal desorber 
  • 30-meter capillary column 
  • FID/DELCD combination detector
  • Built-in "whisper quiet" air compressor
  • 6 channel PeakSimple data system on the compact 8610C chassis

Our PCB GC system has everything you need to detect PCBs in soil and other solid matrices. The thermal desorber permits the user to inject and analyze PCBs with very high sensitivity and liitle or no sample preparation—no solvent extraction is required. Up to 1 gram of soil can be loaded into each re-usable glass desorption tube. For more information on the thermal desorber accessory, please see pages 74-75.

The FID detector responds to all hydrocarbons, and the DELCD indentifies which are halogenated. Due to the extreme selectivity of the DELCD, PCBs can be discriminated even in the presence of massive hydrocarbon contamination. Because the FID pre-combusts the sample, the DELCD is protected from hydrocarbon contamination.

The PCB GC system is also useful for detecting pesticides, PAHs, JP-4, kerosene, and diesel in soil. Soil samples are typically 20-50% water, so the FID flame is autmatically relit after a large water peak. The 30-meter capillary column is included to efficiently separate hydrocarbons up to C20+. The built-in, "whisper-quiet" air compressor provides an infinite supply of combustion air for the FID/DELCD detector.

These two chromatograms show the analysis of a 200ppm Aroclor 1254 sample in diesel fuel on a PCB GC.


8610-0080 PCB GC System, 115VAC DISCONTINUED $ 16,755.00

(VOLTAGE: for 230VAC, use 8610-0080-2)
Options & Upgrades: additional detectors and Split/Splitless injector