PeakSimple Chromatography Data Systems
  • Data System with PeakSimple Data System with PeakSimple
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PeakSimple Chromatography Data Systems
PeakSimple Chromatography Data Systems
  • Built into every SRI 8610, 410, and 310 GC
  • Available separately for use with most GCs and HPLCs
  • Easy connection to your Windows computer
  • 1 and 6 channel models available
  • PeakSimple software included
  • USB 2.0 compliant models

PeakSimple chromatography data systems consiste of hardware and software. The hardware is available as a stand-alone data system for connection to almost any model GC, HPLC, or CE system. The same hardware is supplied as standard equipment with every SRI 8610C, 8610D, 410, and 310 GC. No hardware is installed in your computer, so a notebook or netbook PC may be used instead of a full-sized desktop PC. PeakSimple chromatography acquisition and integration software for Windows is provided with each data system, and updates are FREE.

The data system hardware comes in two versions:

1) Single channel Model 333 for one detector (USB 2.0 compliant connection to PC)
2) Six channel Model 302 for up to six detectors on 1-4 instruments (USB 2.0 compliant connection to PC)

Both models use the same PeakSimple software.