Purge & Trap Autosampler
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Purge & Trap Autosampler
Ten Position Method 5030 Purge & Trap Autosampler
Ten Position Method 5030 Purge & Trap Autosampler

  • Automate Method 5030 Purge & Trap or Stream Selection analyses
  • Central valve oven with Stream Selection valve
  • 10 Individual Sample Positions
  • Heated Transfer Line
  • Data System Control

SRI's Ten Position Purge & Trap Autosampler is an economical way to automate Method 5030 Purge & Trap analyses. Ten individual test tubes are mounted on a central valve oven, which is heated to 150oC. This arrangement allows the tubing connections between the valve and the test tubes to be easily inspected and serviced if necessary. Under control of the PeakSimple data system, the stream selector valve sequentially or selectively steps to one of the ten test tubes for purging. The same hardware without the test tubes is used as a stream selector for multi-location gas analyses or automatic calibration sequences.


8690-0053 10-Position Method 5030 Purge & Trap Autosampler $ 6,995.00
8690-0066 10-Position Stream Selector $ 4,495.00


Online Sampler for Purge & Trap
  • For use with SRI Method 5030 Purge & Trap
  • Automatically fills and empties the Purge Vessel
  • Valve and 5mL Loop for precise sampling
  • Data System Control
The Online Sampler for Purge & Trap is designed for applications where a single water stream needs to be measured automatically and repeatedly by purge & trap. The Online Sampler automatically fills and empties the test tube purge vessel of the SRI Method 5030 Purge & Trap with a precisely metered 5mL volume of water. This is useful when monitoring a single stream of contaminated groundwater, or a waste water stream.
A valve with a 5mL loop, special plumbing, and a custom purge head make up the Online Sampler. The stream to be monitored is plumbed to the Online Sampler and a 10-100mL/minute flow is established to continuously flush the loop with fresh sample. When used with an SRI Purge & Trap GC, the PeakSimple data system controls the sampler transfer the loop contents into the purge vessel of the purge & trap concentrator. When the purge is complete, the purge vessel is emptied to waste. The valve may be optionally configured with a second loop so that an internal standard can be injected along with the water sample.


8690-0075 Online Sampler for Purge & Trap $ 3,495.00